Winding in the wind

Previously operated by (aka, the spiral text service is now online at Quomodo.

Quomodo is a tool to make your own web site, which is nice and free (thanks to our ads program). It includes many many services (more than 40), and one of them is... the spiral text generator.


  1. If you don't have a user id and password for this site, request the access code in the contact form on the right. It's free and there is no obligation implied of any kind.
  2. The access code enables you to create your user id and password: click Login/Subscribe then use Subscribe. In the bottom of the subscription form, don't forget to select your preferred language.
  3. Once you have a user id and password, use them to connect to the site (again, use the "Login/Subscribe" button).
  4. Now you're logged in, pull down the Shareboards menu and select Spiral workshop.
  5. Click See other notes then Enhancement Smartnotes : the "spiral" smartnote is to the right. Click its icon.
  6. Select a template in the palette on the left, enter your text in the text field, then click OK: you are all set.
  7. Finally, use right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) to download the result image.
  8. Enjoy, and spread the word about Quomodo!

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